About the Club

In 1922, a group of friends and neighbors formed the Club to "be a social and recreational center of the best neighborhood in Washington."

Over the years, the Cleveland Park Club has evolved into a wonderful community treasure where we gather to swim, meet for potluck suppers, and attend children's activities and adult lectures.


The Club is managed by a Board of Governors elected by the membership. All Board members are members of the Club and serve on a voluntary basis.

Club Officers 2015-16

  • President: Bob Ward
  • Vice President: Robin Halsband
  • Treasurer: Larry Lawrence
  • Secretary: Ron Precourt

The Board of Governors welcomes new members. If you are interested in joining the Board, please contact board@clevelandparkclub.org


The Club is accessible from two streets, at 3433 33rd Place, NW and 3300 Ordway Street, NW (a narrow passage to a gate leading to the Club’s lower level).  There is no parking on this block of 33rd Place. Please park on Ordway Street and Newark Street (about 1 block south of the Club).  See the map to the right, or click here for directions from Google Maps.

Metro: Take the Red Line to Cleveland Park station.  Take the exit for the west side of Connecticut Avenue (bear left at the top of the long escalator).  Once outside, make a U-turn to the left and walk south to Ordway Street, which is the first cross street to the south of the Metro station.  Turn right (west) and walk up the hill to No. 3300, which is about 0.3 mile from Connecticut Avenue.

Driving from the west and northwest: Drive to Wisconsin Avenue, then follow Wisconsin Avenue to the intersection with Idaho Avenue and Ordway Street; this is where 3501 Wisconsin Avenue would be.  Turn east onto Ordway Street and proceed east until you cross 34th Street.  Enter at 3300 Ordway Street. As an alternative, take Newark Street from Wisconsin Avenue, and park near its intersection with 33rd Place.  Walk up 33rd Place to 3433 33rd Place.

Driving from the north: Take Connecticut Avenue to the Cleveland Park commercial district, and turn right onto Ordway Street.  Drive to 3300 Ordway.
As an alternative: take Reno Road until it becomes 34th Street, then take 34th Street to Ordway.  Turn left and proceed to 3300 Ordway.

Driving from the south and east: Proceed to Connecticut Avenue and take Connecticut to the Cleveland Park commercial district.  Turn west on Newark Street (no traffic light) or Ordway Street (traffic light).


Cleveland Park Club
3433 33rd Place, NW
(off Highland Place)
Washington, DC 20008


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