Pool Rules

1. Everyone using the pool should show his/her CPC membership card to the pool greeter or lifeguards AND register on the sign-in sheet before entering the pool. A copy of the membership list is kept at the pool. 

2. Any adult visiting the pool for the purpose of providing child care (e.g., nannies, au pairs, occasional babysitters, visiting relatives, etc.) will be admitted free of charge when accompanying a member child. 

3. Guest Pass Policy and Payment: When bringing guests to the pool (maximum of 5 guests at one time), Club members should sign a guest pass provided by the pool greeter or lifeguard. The cost is $5 per guest and members will be invoiced for their guest passes electronically. No payments at the pool. Each pass is valid for one guest for one day. All guests must be accompanied by a member. Single voting members may not use guest passes to bring other household members to the pool.  

4. Use of the pool during closed periods or in the absence of a qualified lifeguard employed by the Club is prohibited. 

5. All members and their guests using the pool, pool decks, or bath house facilities do so at their own risk. The Club assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property. 

6. Lifeguards are instructed by the Board of Directors or their designee to interpret and enforce all rules governing the use of the pool, pool decks, and bathhouse facilities. Lifeguards have ultimate discretion in enforcing the rules and maintain safety. Everyone using the pool must follow the lifeguards' instructions. 

7. The primary duty of the lifeguards is to make sure the pool and deck area is safe and monitored in case of an emergency. At minimum, one guard is required to be monitoring the pool while the pool is occupied. If a guard is not on the pool deck, the pool is considered closed until the guard returns. When approaching a guard for a non-emergency issue, check to see if it is a safe time to talk. During peak periods, guards may ask you to wait until adult swim or their break before responding to your inquiry. 

8. The pool may be closed at any time due to weather conditions, equipment failure, or any DC code violations, including overcrowding; the number of people inside the fence is limited to 32. The pool capacity is 29. In the event of a thunderstorm, the pool manager will close the pool for a period of 30 minutes for thunder and/or lightning from the last time either is heard or seen by the lifeguard. If it is only raining, the guards will remain on duty. 

9. Running on the pool deck, stunt diving (including back dives), diving in the shallow end, unnecessary roughness, dunking, and other similar behavior is strictly prohibited. 

10. All children age 14 and younger are required to take the swim test each season to swim in the deep end. This includes children who have previously taken and passed the test; no exceptions. The test, which will be administered by a life guard when it is safe to do so, shall be: 1) swimmer enters the deep end and immediately begins treading water for 60 seconds with head above the water, 2) at time, the swimmer will swim in a cleared lane to the shallow end, tap the tile, and swim back to the deep end wall, without break, touching the bottom or sides of the pool. Guards will maintain a log of all Members, guests and campers age 14 and under and their test status. Those passing the test will be issued a red wrist band indicating they may swim in the deep end. Durable, removable, wristbands should be kept and used throughout the summer. Lost or damaged wristbands can be replaced by lifeguards. Children who have not passed the water safety test shall be prohibited from the deep end, even if accompanied by an adult. The only exception to this rule is during swim lessons. 

11. Children age 9 and under must always be accompanied and supervised by an adult while in the pool or on the pool deck. Children 10 and over may come to swim unaccompanied by an adult only after they have passed a water safety test (pool test) administered by a Club lifeguard. Parents and guardians have primary responsibility for the safety and whereabouts of their children while at the pool. Campers must be accompanied by a designated CIT while on the pool deck or in the pool. 

12. Each swimmer must take a shower before entering either the main pool or the wading pool. To conserve energy and water, only brief showers are permitted when leaving the pool for the day. 

13. Noisy or disruptive games and other pool activity may be limited, stopped, or prohibited at any time at the discretion of the lifeguards. Water guns and sports equipment and balls (footballs, tennis balls, volley balls, etc) are not permitted at the pool. Use of the poolside basketball net is at the discretion of the life guards, who may prohibit its use if they see it as infringing on the enjoyment of the pool by other members or posing a safety risk. 

14. The throwing of sand and use of water in the sandbox is prohibited. Children must shower all sand off before entering either pool. 

15. No drinking of alcoholic beverages will be permitted within any part of the pool area, pool fence, bathhouses, or sun deck. No glassware or breakables will be permitted on the pool deck, sun deck, or other concrete areas surrounding or leading to the pool. 

16. Food is not allowed inside the chain fence. Eating is allowed on the house porch or grounds. All members and guests are responsible for disposing of their own trash in a proper receptacle. 

17. Music devices without headphones are not permitted at the pool. 

18. Neither strollers nor pets are permitted within the chain link fence or bathhouse. 

19. Small children who are not toilet trained are not permitted in the main pool. Babies and toddlers must wear swim diapers under swim wear and will be allowed in the toddler pool only. Babies and toddlers are not allowed on the main pool deck (other than in transit to the toddler pool) or in the big pool. 

20. Remind all children to use the toilet instead of pool.

21. Soiled diapers must be disposed of in a proper trash receptacle. Do not flush diapers in the toilet. 

22. The toddler pool is only for children 5 years old and younger. The toddler pool is not supervised by the pool lifeguards. Use of the toddler pool requires supervision by a parent or guardian. Children capable of swimming in the big pool are too big for the toddler pool. 

23. Small flotation devices (not inflatable) worn as an aid while swimming in the big pool are permitted, and all children using them must have a parent present in the pool and within arm's reach of the child (Rule 10 still applies). Kickboards are only permitted during lap swim.  The Club maintains a select number of flotation devices for member use; see the greeter or lifeguard for use.

24. Members age 15 and older may swim laps during “Adult Swim” and “Lap Swim” if there are lanes available but must relinquish the lane to make room for adults who want to swim. A detailed pool schedule is posted on the wall outside of the changing rooms. 

25. The telephone on the outside wall next to the men’s changing room is intended to be used for: 1) emergencies and 2) BRIEF incoming or outgoing calls, primarily to assist children and parents in arranging or confirming plans. The phone is not intended to be used for long social or business calls by the Club members, guests, or employees. No long distance calls. Any comments, concerns, or suggestions about the pool and/or life guards can be made to pool@clevelandparkclub.org.

Club Mission

"To promote social intercourse, recreation and sports, literature and the arts and for mutual improvement." Club Certificate of Incorporation, November 21, 1922


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