Membership DETAILS


Voting Memberships allow full access to the pool and all other member benefits.  

Voting memberships are available to 150 households in Cleveland Park, North Cleveland Park and Woodley Park.  Voting members must reside within the boundaries of the map to the right.

New voting members are admitted as space becomes available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Membership runs from the date of joining through May 1 of the following year.

Family Voting Memberships are available to multi-person households within the Club's geographic boundaries.  Membership includes children, grandparents, au pairs, exchange students, etc., living in the household. Each Family Voting Membership has one vote.

Single Voting Memberships are only available to single-person households within the Club's geographic boundaries.  This includes persons living alone or with unrelated persons who are not Club members (e.g., roommates).  Holders of Voting Single Memberships cannot use guest passes to bring other household residents to the pool.  Each Single Voting Membership has one vote.

2017 Family Voting Membership Fees
One-time Initiation:  $450
Annual Dues:  $660

2017 Single Voting Membership Fees
One-time Initiation:  $450
Annual Dues:  $405


To renew an existing membership, please login and then click on your name in the upper-right to go to your Profile area.

Pay with a check! 
Your payment by check can help the Club save thousands of dollars per year in processing fees. To pay by check, rather than online, complete the registration process, but skip the final step of payment and either click "Invoice Me" or close out your browser. Then mail your payment to the Cleveland Park Club, PO Box 4815, Washington DC 20008.

Social + Activity Memberships

Social + Activity Memberships allow both families and individuals living within a broader geographic area to enjoy select benefits of membership.  

Social + Activity Members receive member rates for camp, classes, and group swim classes, and are eligible to register for private swim lessons.  All Club social events--such as Porch Parties, Potlucks, Beer Exchange, Family Fun Nights, etc.--and meetings are open to Social + Activity Members.  

Open swim privileges, clubhouse rentals, and voting are not available to Social + Activity Members.  Subject to annual availability, a limited number of summer pool passes may be available for purchase by Social + Activity members.

Social + Activity Memberships are intended for those located within the following ZIP codes: 20008, 20005, 20007, 20009, 20010, 20011, 20015, 20016, 20036, and 20037, or as the Board may allow. 

Membership runs from the date of joining through May 1 of the following year.

2017 Social + Activity Membership Fees
One-time Initiation Fee:  $75
Annual Dues:  $230

Note:  If converting from a Social + Activity Membership to a Voting Membership, the Social + Activity initiation fee can be applied to the Voting Membership initiation fee.  Conversion from a Voting Membership to a Social + Activity Membership requires payment of a new initiation fee.

Club Mission

"To promote social intercourse, recreation and sports, literature and the arts and for mutual improvement." Club Certificate of Incorporation, November 21, 1922

Contact (preferred)
Clubhouse  (202) 244-9332 
Pool  (202) 363-6300

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For over 90 years, the Club has been the spot where neighbors get together.  We welcome new families and members.  Join us and make memories!

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